This is a question people often ask.

It is a fact that piano tuning is not for everyone but it can be learned if you invest enough time and effort. Here are more questions:

Is it safe to try and tune your piano yourself?

Will you have access to the highly piano tuning specialized tools?

Can using an electronic tuning device (ETD) help an apprentice to properly tune his piano?

Can you pursue a career in piano tuning learning from the comfort of you home?

Is piano tuning a worthwhile business to go in?

The answer to all these questions is…


This is what I believe.

It might not be shared with professionals but hey, they have a business to protect!

Sure there are certain qualities needed to succeed in learning piano tuning.

  • good strength to pull the 230 strings to 175lb tension
  • to be as delicate as a butterfly
  • to have a strict scientific precision
  • an artistic sensibility that is greater than the average
  • a good rhythm sense
  • able to concentrate for more than an hour
  • a musical ear
  • curiosity
  • good taste

Before becoming a pro tuner, all professionals where apprentice at one point.  Not too complicate to understand?

Piano tuning is a fascinating adventure.  It has bring me to places I wouldn’t never been.

A study as demonstrate that a pro piano tuner can expect an average of $70,000 a year in revenues.

So why not join me at my piano tuning site (PianoTuningHowTo) where you will find more information about tuning your own piano.

Mario Bruneau

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