I started music at age 8 ...on the accordion!  And later at age 15 or so, I started piano on my parent's old upright piano.

I have learn most of my trade at Montreal Piano on Rachel Street.  I'm thankful to M. Louis Lovsin Senior for his patience at answering my questions along those years.  I invite you to visit their web site and their workshop at 61 Rachel Street West in Montreal.

Logo of Montreal Piano Repair Shop

I will always remember my first visit into that shop following an invitation by the bassist of the LP Album project I was working at that time. Boy was I impressed! The multiple glues and old wood smell that got to your nose as soon you get in would print this moment for ever.

I was so excited looking at all those pianos but at the same time, I was jealous and wanted to learn what those artisans knew.

It is at this very moment I decided I wanted to learn the trade even thought I was impressed.

Every time you're in front of something new that you don't quite understand, you always ask yourself if you got what it takes. I had these doubts ... but I was determined to try.

Well I had no choice! I was the pianist at a venue in Montreal and we didn't have the money to hire a professional to do the job and somebody had to do it.

The "Casa's" piano was in a really bad shape and they ask the pianist (me) to take care of it. That simple!

The rest is experience. Pianos from The Casanous, Vanier College, Piano Foundation, rooms, concerts, private pianos. Then at the Frankfurt Musikmess, my "coup de foudre" on Wendl&Lung pianos and the 3-week training in Vienna, Austria.