I have learn most of my trade at Montreal Piano on Rachel Street.  I’m thankful to M. Louis Lovsin Senior for his patience at answering my questions along those years.  I invite you to visit their web site and their workshop at 61 Rachel Street West in Montreal.

Logo of Montreal Piano Repair Shop

I will always remember my first visit into that shop following an invitation by the bassist of the CD project I was working at that time. Boy was I impressed! The multiple glues and old wood smell that got to your nose as soon you get in would print this moment for ever.

I was so excited looking at all those pianos but at the same time, I was jealous and wanted to learn what those artisans knew.

It is at this very moment I decided I wanted to learn the trade even thought I was impressed.

Every time you’re in front of something new that you don’t quite understand, you always ask yourself if you got what it takes. I had these doubts … but I was determined to try.

Well I had no choice! I was the pianist at a venue in Montreal and we didn’t have the money to hire a professional to do the job and somebody had to do it.

The “Casa’s” piano was in a really bad shape and they ask the pianist (me) to take care of it. That simple!