I offer only EXCEPTIONAL pianos on this page!

In recent years, the piano has lost its luster and importance in our homes. A phenomenon that is easily observed by looking at the numerous classified advertisements for pianos not "for sale" but... to give away!

But how to sort things out? How can you be sure that you have found the rare gem? You still need to know about the piano to avoid burdening yourself with a musical instrument that has given up its soul and can no longer create beautiful music. It becomes a decorative piece of furniture at best but bulky in your living room. But what about a 44-inch upright piano hand-made in Germany that still sells new for $20,000 for just $7,000?

I'm offering to help you find your exceptional piano at a more than satisfactory price.

Fortunately, there are still piano enthusiasts like you and me who appreciate prestigious instruments at their true value. In my research, I discovered exceptional pianos, often from Europe which I will share here. The period we are currently going through represents a great opportunity to acquire a prestigious piano for a fraction of its real price value.

Some of which I am working on at this moment and for more information, please use the contact form by following this link or call me at (819) 769-1407

Exceptional European piano for sale
Exceptional European piano for sale

Here are some EXCEPTIONAL pianos that some of my clients had for sale or to give away in the past.

Finding a used piano is not easy and most pianos found in classified ads are of poor quality and in poor condition. But sometimes I come across “rare gems” myself or that my clients want to part with. You will find those rare find pianos on this page.


Upright piano that I reconditioned for sale for only $1200


New hammers value $800, new bridles value $400, complete cleaning value $100, complete action adjustment value $400, various repairs value $500.

Refurbish total cost = $2,200

piano for sale piano-1200-02 piano-1200-03

Please contact Anne-Marie at (514) 833-9192






I strongly recommend it because it is in good condition and despite its exposed pinblock it is very well made. Very good value... ($1600)

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Heintzman "Upright Grand"  SOLD!

This upright piano from the prestigious brand Heintzman model "Upright Grand" which means a grand piano in the form of an upright piano is in excellent condition.

A powerful, full and refined sound.

I have maintained this piano for several years and the owner has always kept it in the best climatic conditions as he does for his two other pianos.

Very attractive natural walnut finished cabinet.
Piano Heintzman upright grand à vendre

The mechanism is of the brass staple type. I put a bag of spare parts inside to make it easier to maintain.

Piano Heintzman upright grand for sale

The general structure such as the bridges and the soundboard are in excellent condition.

Piano Heintzman upright grand for sale

It's called an "Upright Grand" because of the cast iron frame that goes over the strings just like a grand piano. This "Capo D'astro Bar" is the trademark of Heintzman. This is what made it famous.

Piano Heintzman upright grand for sale


Piano Heintzman upright grand for sale

Overview of the inside of the piano.

Piano Heintzman upright grand for sale

Grab this unique opportunity for only $2600. Taxes included but you pay the transport.

This piano is in Longueuil, south shore of Montreal, Quebec.

For more information, please use the contact form or call me at (819) 769-1407

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