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Comment accorder un piano
This is a question people often ask. It is a fact that piano tuning is not for everyone but it can be learned if you invest enough time and effort. Here are more questions: Is it safe to try and tune your piano yourself? Will you have access to the highly piano tuning specialized tools?

The Effect of Time on Your Piano

Accorder un piano
Invented in 1726 by the Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori, the piano was the first keyboard instrument to play soft and loud hense his name “pianoforte” (piano = soft, forte = loud) It was at first a rather delicate instrument and went through numerous improvement and became the rich and powerful instrument of today. Its complex construction,

When to tune your piano?

Outils d'accordage de piano
A tuned piano is so much fun to play and even more to listen to. Indeed, in their effort to design the best sounding musical instrument there is, designers base their calculations towards the fact that their musical instrument will perform at its best when tuned to the universal standard that is, the A=440Hz tuning